How is Jahuty different?

Managing content isn't a new problem, and there are lots of potential solutions out there including: site builders, static site generators, traditional CMSes, and headless CMSes. How is Jahuty any different?

We are laser focused on content snippets.

We do one thing - blocks of content - and we do them really well.

For engineers, content snippets are like partial views in the cloud. Snippets are rendered with one line of code; they support variables, functions, conditionals, and more; and, they accept data at render-time.

For content creators, content snippets are like Google Docs embedded in a website. Snippets support all the features content creators already use to write content - comments, track changes, spell-check, etc - except, published changes appear on a website automatically, instead of needing to be transferred there by an engineer.

Taken together, this functionality makes Jahuty the perfect solution for small-to-medium-sized teams in small-to-medium-sized organizations. After you've sequestered all the content you can into a separate domain using a site builder, static site generator, or traditional CMS, and before you undertake the complexity and expense of a headless CMS or your own solution, there's Jahuty.

Our focus precludes other solutions.

Given our laser-like focus on dynamic snippets of content, there are a few things Jahuty is not:

  • We are not a site builder. Jahuty requires an engineer to install our SDKs and query our API to render a snippet.
  • We are not a static site generator or traditional CMS. You can't apply a template, install plug-ins, or layout rows and columns.
  • We are not a headless CMS. You can't create other "content models" like carousels, forms, cards, etc.

If you need to use a "no-code" solution, to create a site from a template, or to crank out marketing sites and landing pages, other solutions are probably best. Jahuty is a specialized tool for software development teams.

Our focus is what sets us apart.

Given what we are, and what we are not, how is Jahuty different? Our focus is what sets us apart.

  • We are easy-to-use. Our single-minded focus on content snippets allows us to create a simple integration platform for engineers and an intuitive editing experience for content creators.
  • We are easy-to-pick-up. There's no point integrating a content solution if the time an engineer saves coding content is spent managing content creators in the platform. Jahuty's similarity to Google Docs makes it a breeze for content creators to get started.
  • We are a specialized tool. We help software development teams manage chunks of content in their products. We aren't a central content repository, and we aren't going to replace your marketing site or blog.
  • We are best for cross-functional teams. Whenever someone is writing content and another person is coding it into a website or application, we can help them work together more efficiently.
  • We are best for small-to-medium-sized teams. Our sweet spot is teams large enough to have a critical mass of content in their application impacting their productivity and small enough not to warrant the complexity or expense of a headless CMS or custom solution.

How is Jahuty different? We are a content snippet manager. Questions? Let me know -